High availability

Multiple datacenters in the EU and United States with full DDos protection and proximity steering for lowest latency.

Nicehash Support

All our pools support Nicehash Auto-Configuration for stress free setup and mining through Nicehash.


Most reliable mining pools for CPU, GPU and ASICs. Regular payments, tutorials and fully compatible with Nicehash.

Do I have to register to mine?

Registration is not required. Just configure your miner according to our instructions and start mining. Your first submitted share will automatically register you with our pool. Good Luck!

Should I choose Pool or Solo?

If you have to ask, choose Pool.

When will I get paid?

You won't see any balance in your account until a block has been found by the pool and after the block has reached a mature status. This may take a couple hours, depending on the coin. As soon as a block can be considered 'mature' by the pool, your shares will be used to calculate your contribution towards finding the block. The more you've contributed, the higher your cut of the block reward will be.

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